When you realize DanAndPhilGames could be shut down because of the upcoming European copyright laws

Oh shit

I feel like no one realises how bad this actually is. To make it clear for y’all if this law passes, it’s going to be 1000x worse than net neutrality. This is a literal internet censorship.

Want to post a cute fanart? BLOCKED. A fanfic? BLOCKED. Do you have a friend in europe and want to send them a meme? BLOCKED. Youtube let’s plays? BLOCKED Dan’s meme videos? BLOCKED.

Nearly not enough people are talking about this so please, even if you’re not european, help us and take part. We did the same when net neutrality was trying to ruin all of our lives. I’ll put some useful links below.


– !anyone can sign!


x <- fixed link for call/email your local mps

– !you can only do this if you live in europe/uk!



Take part, lads🌸✨

Right so to add to this. My friend has already been affected by this shit today . Her gmail profile pic which was eevee (pokemon) has been removed apparently due to eu copyright laws. It was a fucking profile pic. @eu fuck u

also Philip DeFranco made a p good video about this topic. I’ll link it which according to the new laws will also be illegal.


🇺🇸 Another addition for y’all americans: Just so you know there’s quite a big chance a certain cheeto could get inspired by the shit eu is going to pass rn and then we’re all screwed.

🇬🇧 UK lads: UK is going to be affected by this until the day they officially leave the EU and that is in 2021. Contact your local MPs link is above.

🇪🇺 europeans: Are basically all going to be fucked if we don’t do something! Contact your local MPs link is above.

🌏Rest of the world is hopefully sane but still…. please try to help even if this isn’t going to affect you directly.

Any help is appreciated but please try to spread the message as well as signing the petition. Thank u all

This is a message, not just for the people pf Europe, but everyone! If you want to continue to enjoy content created by fans, to read a fanfic about your favorite fandom or just make a simple drawing and show it to the world, sign now.